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Building Design Services  

Cost, time, buildability, durability, function and aesthetics are key considerations in the design of buildings and must be carefully balanced to meet the needs of the owner and end user without compromising on safety and sustainability.


Engineering services relating to building design, construction and maintenance have formed a core activity in our operations.

We offer our clients direct access to a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists offering consultancy services in preliminary work, building design, construction management as well as construction supervision and maintenance work. Tesla has served as engineering consultant on almost every type of building project including, domestic housing, schools, hotels, sports centers, offices, factories, hospitals and health centers.

From preliminary or structural designs for buildings and other structures, to the design of HVAC, electrical and control systems, to developing fire safety plans and designing diverse acoustical solutions, specialists at Tesla Consultants have the knowledge to solve project challenges of any size.

Our services include:
  • Structural engineering
  • Design management
  • Heritage structures
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Lighting design
  • Electrical services design
  • Mechanical services design
  • Public health design
  • Vertical transportation
  • Safety and security
  • Construction engineering 
  • Acoustics and vibration
  • Seismic strengthening and low damage design
  • Environmentally sustainable design
  • Fire and life safety engineering
  • Blast analysis and design


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Kabul, Afghanistan


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