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Water Efficiency

Water availability is severely tested in periods of drought. Add to this the pressures of population growth, increased demand, depleted river systems, environmental flow requirements and falling groundwater tables - water efficiency then becomes essential.


Effective management of water resources is imperative given their global scarcity.

We’ll work with you to address all aspects of water loss reduction and water system efficiency improvements. Water loss reduction from potable water distribution systems and demand reduction is a proven area of water conservation.

By partnering with water utilities and municipal authorities, we’re able to seamlessly implement water loss management initiatives with social, financial and environmental objectives as priority.

We also offer this service to assist the rural and industrial sectors to reduce water loss and save operating costs.

Our Services Include:

  • Water auditing and modelling
  • Real loss (leakage) management, analysis, management tools and techniques
  • Infrastructure management
  • Revenue and non-revenue water data management
  • Optimal water meter sizing, selection, specification and installation
  • Water meter calibration and lifecycle analysis and testing procedures
  • Unauthorized consumption analysis
  • Economic analysis of apparent losses
  • Demand management
  • Contract delivery
  • Policy and procedure development and organizational strengthening


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